The smartphone and 2D QR codes, engaging consumers

Lundmark QR Code

QR Code - Lundmark Mobile Site

Computer graffiti? Barcode malfunction? IT department prank?

If you find the graphic to the right a bit curious, you're not alone. It's reported that only 52% of the population in this country have seen or heard of a 2D QR (Two-Dimensional Quick Response) code. Of those familiar with the codes, only 28% have used one.

Mobile phones equipped with a code-reading app can quickly scan these codes through the phone's camera. The data embedded in the code directs the phone to automatically execute a task, like visit a mobile website or view a YouTube video. The code is essentially a quick and easy way to transport users to a URL link, video or other phone function. In fact, the codes can also prompt the phone to dial a number, send an email or text message and even store an address in the users contacts.

What's the advantage? The consumer is no longer required to type a complex URL or address with a tiny phone keyboard. It's a quick and easy way to engage consumers with relevant content at any point during the purchase cycle from investigation to the point-of-purchase.

If you have not already, download a free reader from your apps store and give it a try. There are a few different types of codes that exist, some of which require a specific reader. If you search for a QR code reader you will be able to scan codes like the one above.

For more information on 2D codes or to try one for your brand or products, contact me at 816-842-5236 or

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    If you don’t have a code reader on your phone try this site:

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